Tianjin Yide Technology Limited
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Product Category
bending shape · round head · hexagon · T shape · live knotted head
cheese head · countersunk head · hexagon · round head
cap shape · wing shape · hexagon · square · cheese head
round head
welding nails
square · hexagon
ring type
Standard Category
IFI 145-2002
DIN 125(-1)-1990
DIN 1587-2014
DIN 315-1983
DIN 3570-1968
DIN 439(-2)-1987
DIN 557-1994
DIN 582-2018
DIN 603-2017
DIN 6923-1983
DIN 6926-1983
DIN 7984-2009
DIN 7991-1986
DIN 9021-1990
DIN 913-1980
DIN 916-1980
DIN 928-2013
DIN 929-2013
DIN 931(-1)-1987
DIN 933-1987
DIN 934-1987
DIN 982-1987
DIN 985-1987
GB 12618-1990
GB 30-1976
GB 37-1988
GB 52-1976
GB 5782-1986
GB 5783-1986
GB 5789-1986
GB 798-1976
GB 812-1988
GB 819-1985
GB 861.1-1987
GB 862.1-1987
GB 9457-1988
GB /T 12615.1-2004
GB /T 6170-2015
GB /T 6172.1-2016
GB /T 6175-2016
GB /T 818-2016
GB /T 893.1-1986
GB /T 894.1-1986
GB /T 896-2020
ISO 15977-2002
ISO 7380-1-2011
HG /T 20634-2009
SJ 2843-1987

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 About Us
Tianjin Yide Technology Co., Ltd. Tianjin Yide Technology Co., Ltd. mainly produces and sells international standards (ISO), German standards (DIN), national standards (GB), American standards (ANSI, A193B7, A194), etc. The products sold by the company have passed ISO9001, ISO9002, QS9000 and other international quality assurance system certifications.

 Product application industry: aerospace, energy, machinery, valve, hydraulic, chemical, military and other industries.

Business type:

1. Carbon steel: 4.8, 8.8, 10.9, and 12.9 internal and external hexagon bolts, nuts, tooth bars, stud bolts, U-bolts, rings, washers, steel structure bolts, guardrail bolts, etc.

2. Stainless steel: SUS304 (A2-70, A2-80), SUS316, SUS316L (A4-70, A4-80), 410 and other fasteners.

3. Riveting category: pulling rivets and pulling rivets, at the same time, our company also processes customized non-standard products according to customer needs.

Surface treatment: 1, blue and white zinc 2, color zinc 3, black zinc 4, mechanical zinc infiltration 5, hot-dip galvanized 6, nickel-plated, 7 electrophoretic black 8, dak gong (zinc-chromium coating) 9, zinc Nickel alloy, etc.

The company attaches great importance to the training of all kinds of talents, and all employees jointly learn professional and technical knowledge, strive to improve R&D capabilities, continuously improve product quality, and improve supporting service capabilities to the most perfect. Yide will always be your trusted partner!